04 Apr.2020 ,

BREF Training day

The training workshop was organised to help pulp and paper mills comply with the new EU legislation that are set in the Best Available Techniques reference documents, the so-called BREFs, for manufacturing of pulp, paper and board. The new document specifies emission limits to the environment and set other environmental permit requirements for a pulp and paper mill. Within four years, by September 2018, all mills within the EU must comply with the new requirements and measures must be in place.
This training workshop provided participants with a better understanding of the new legal requirements and possible implications for the industry.



Welcome (Marco Mensink, CEPI)

Industrial emissions policy (Alex Radway, European Commission)

Understanding BAT conclusions (Erik Nyström)

Setting up the permits in practice:
    - General for the pulp and paper industry (Hannu Nurmesniemi)
    - Kraft pulping process (Oscar Arantes, Luis Machado)
    - Sulphite pulping process (Wolfgang Mizera)
    - Mechanical and chemimechanical pulping (Jarkko Hukkanen)
    - Processing paper for recycling (Debbie Stringer)
    - Papermaking and related processes (Tom Berben)

Tools for the permitting issues (Filip François, European Commission)

Wrap-up and conclusions (Jori Ringman, CEPI)

The European Commission has made available the final BAT conclusions for pulp and paper manufacturing. This version includes the opinion expressed by the IED Article 75 Committee on 6 May 2014 and editorial changes made by the European Commission. A summary record of the meeting is also available.


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