Types of Finish

Cast coated paper Provides the highest gloss surface of all coated papers and boards Labels, covers, cartons and cards
Calendered or glossy paper Paper that has gone through a glazing process – can be both coated and uncoated Colour printing
Machine finished paper Paper which has been finished on the papermaking machine and is smooth on both sides Booklets and brochures
Lightweight coated A thin, coated paper, which can be as light as 40 g/m2. Magazines, brochures and catalogues
Matt finished paper The relative roughness of the paper surface prevents light from being reflected. Can be both coated and uncoated It is used in all kinds of high quality print work and is suitable for colour printing
Machine coated Paper that has the coating applied whilst it is still on the paper machine All types of coloured print
Silk or silk matt finished papers Like matt finished coated paper the surface is smooth but without reflections, which means that it combines high readability with high image quality Product Booklets and Brochures
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