This versatile material is essential to our daily lives and is used everywhere, in one form or another...

It can be comforting, memorable or emotional: a treasured family photograph; the cup that holds your freshly filtered coffee as you relax with you favourite newspaper; or the envelope containing a letter from a secret admirer...

It is also reliable, clean and dependable: paper protects our food and keeps it fresh; paper can be made strong enough to be used as a building material or soft enough to wipe a newborn's delicate skin; and paper is essential in maintaining high levels of hygiene in households, businesses and hospital settings around the world.

What's more, paper is a natural product, which boasts exceptional environmental credentials, it is biodegradable, can be recycled, is made from an infinitely renewable resource and is produced in a sustainable manner.

Do you know the story behind paper....and how this most natural of products, with such a long history, has managed to become the advanced, sophisticated and multifaceted material we know today?

Paper online tells the fascinating story behind paper and provides insight into the innovations which make this timeless resource so in tune with contemporary attitudes towards sustainable consumption.

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