Renewable Resource

Paper is made from a natural renewable resource, wood, which has the capacity to be produced in an endless cycle. To safeguard this cycle, our forests have to be managed and harvested in a sustainable manner.

The European paper industry, whilst producing approximately 30% of the world's paper, is a responsible guardian of European forests, 33% more new trees grow in Europe than are harvested each year. According to the UN FAO, forest cover in Europe has increased by 30% since 1950. The 6,450 kmĀ² annual increase of European forest cover corresponds to a daily increase the size of 4,363 football pitches.

This is good news: forests provide many environmental benefits - they capture and store billions of tonnes of carbon, prevent soil degradation and erosion, restore soil fertility and enhance water and air quality.

Annual increase of forest cover:
6,450 km2


231 million tonnes of CO2 removed from atmosphere

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