Paper is a sustainable product to be proud of...

  • it is made from a renewable and increasing forest resource;
  • it is biodegradable and can be recycled; and
  • it is a source of renewable energy at the end of its life.

By choosing paper, we tap into the a virtuous eco-cycle that helps make the European paper industry one of the most sustainable; working with and for the environment, delivering essential everyday products to society and making an important contribution to , including providing vital jobs in rural areas.

The eco-cycle starts with ensuring that the raw material for paper, wood, is being grown in a responsible way. Sustainable forest management is the key to ensuring that Europe's growing forests remain healthy. Recycling used paper is another way to ensure that our forest resources are not over harvested. The drive to increase recycling has made paper the most recycled product in Europe today.

Biomass used in the papermaking process provides a much needed renewable source of carbon neutral energy and alleviate climate change concerns. The industry is the biggest user and producer of renewable energy in Europe.

As environmental concerns transform the manufacturing process of paper products and papermakers introduce clean, energy efficient technologies, paper's exceptional environmental credentials continue to flourish.



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